S.Q Yankees drops the first two games in their return to the diamond


The Southern Queens Yankees played an official game for the first time in two years Sunday April 18th, 2021 when they tool on the defending champions the Bronx Pirates at St. Marys Park. The team went 0-2 on the day losing game one 4-3 and game two 6-4. With a short handed team the S.Q Yankees battled in game one countering every time the opposing team scored. Down 4-3 in the top of the 7th the Yankees had the bases loaded with no outs but was unable to score taking the lost. In game two it was the same story the team battled but just fell short. S.Q. Yankees player Hex Sanchez said "4-3 & 6-4 we played a good game can't be mad at that just gotta do better next weekend" S.Q Yankees manager said " To be honest we had 10 guys and kept up with the defending champs I can't be mad at that. The guys that showed up played with heart and just died out at the end. We played two games guys not getting a break, pitchers having to tough it out and throw over 100 pitches I mean what can I be mad at". If the weekend games are any indication 2021 could be a good year if the team plays with the heart they showed  

S.Q Yankees return after two years away


After retiring in early 2019 SQ Yankees manager Glen Yearwood has brought the team back for his 16th season. After two years of no baseball for the southern queens yankees it was a surprise to many that the team was brought back. In a candid interview with Glen he was asked what made him change his mind and this was his response " In all honesty I haven't put much thought into baseball after i decided to walk away; but several guys that played over the years wouldn't let me enjoy retirement so I finally gave in". The team will indeed play baseball again making it sixteen years of the clubs existence. "Nervous yes but when you've done this for so long its hard to stay away when so many asked for it" What will 2021 have in store for the team as they return ? Only time will tell but we can officially say the Southern Queens Yankees are back !!! 

S.Q Yankees Manager retires from the game


In shocking news Southern Queens Yankees manager Glen Yearwood decided to retire after fifteen years as the head of the S.Q Yankees. The news comes as a shock to many as the team dominated in their opening series. When asked why Glen said "it became complicated to gather and keep guys showing up" "There's a lot that went into this decision and I wasn't having fun anymore; that's when I knew it was time to call it quits" The players on the team refused to play for anyone else ending a run that stood years. "I feel bad for the guys that showed up every week and gave it their all,: however if my heart isn't in this 100% I feel as if I'm cheating them" said Mr. Yearwood. Asked if he would return Glen said " Right now I'm at peace with my decision to walk away: I can't say what a year or so from now would bring but I've been successful and I'm happy with that. I want to thank every single person that has played, worked for or supported this team over the years I greatly appreciate it all" Maybe team will return or maybe this is the end only time will tell  

S.Q. Yankees dominate their 2019 spring opening games


The S.Q. Yankees took both games on opening day vs the Sharks 13-1 in game one and 18-6 at Juniper Valley Park Sunday; Christopher Alberto took the ball for the Yankees and had everything working from the first pitch allowing one run (not earned) pitching a complete game. The Yankees scored three runs in the first inning followed by one in the second, four in the fourth and six in the six causing the game to end due to the mercy rule

In game two of the day D. Silfa took the ball and struggled in the first allowing six runs to cross the plate as he had trouble finding the plate but settled down the next few innings throwing two scoreless innings after that. E. Santiago relieved D. Silfa throwing three scoreless innings in relief. The Yankees scored three runs in the second, two in the third, four in the fourth,eight in the fifth and one in the six to end game due to the mercy rule. "This was a great way to start the season; it was a great game" said by Yankee manager Glen Yearwood; "If we play like this we will go far and end the season with a championship which is the ultimate goal, I'm happy with the way we played". Every S.Q Yankee that played either had a hit or RBI   

S.Q. Yankees drop their 2018 spring opener

The S.Q. Yankees drop their spring opener 7-6 to the Qns Warriors at Victory Park Sunday; Jesus Brito took the ball for the Yankees and had a rough first inning allowing 4 runs but settled down the next two innings allowing no runs, the Yankees found themselves down 4-1 in the third but managed to score two runs in the top of the fourth to bring the score to 4-3. In the 7th inning the Yankees allowed three more runs to chase the Warriors 7-3. In the top of the ninth the Yankees put up a 3run spur, but fell short leaving the tying run on third base. "It was a great show of fight" said by Yankee manager Glen Yearwood; "We will get it together, it was our first outing of the year in cold weather conditions, I'm happy with the way we played"   

S.Q. Yankees leave NYC for New Jersey for 2017

After ten years of playing in New York City the Southern Queens Yankees will change directions and participate in a new league in a new state.The team has announced that they will be playing in New Jersey for the 2017 season. When asked about the decision management had this to say "We have been around for ten years and have done so much in that time; we have won five championships and want to try something new" What will 2017 have in store for the team lets wait and see

S.Q. Yankees return for their 10th year in 2016

The S.Q. Yankees will be entering their 10h year of existence in 2016. Looking back on it none of us thought that we would be here said manager Glen Yearwood when asked about the topic; "We legit thought no more than maybe 2-3 years top and here we are 9 years later wow". In the previous 9 years the S.Q Yankees ave won 3 championships and have been in the playoffs in 7 of those seasons. The Vice President and General Manager had this to say "I couldn't be happier to see how we've grown I just wish I can be on the field with these guys it is going to be special". The organization went from being a joke to being a well respected name in not only the NYC metro area, but Long Island as well. Over the years many players have suited up for the team and have contributed to the success. A former player (who rather not be named) said "I was here in the beginning and we weren't that good but Glen has done a great job with building the team to what it is today, I'm impressed and happy that I was apart of it" For the 2016 season the team will be bringing back some of it greatest players to ever put on the jersey. What will 2016 have in store for the S.Q Yankees !? We shall see, sit back and enjoy       

SQ Yankees dedicate 2015 season to one of their own

     2015 will be an emotional filled season for manager Glen Yearwood as he remembers Jeff Marquez. Jeff was the man behind the Southern Queens Yankees social sites; running their Facebook page, YouTube page, and website. Jeff passed away in 2013 leaving the team without a PR (public relations) person. "When Jeff passed the website fell off" said manager Glen Yearwood "Nobody could fill the void left by him he was good at what he did". Jeff joined the team during the 2009 season as he was recruited by manager Glen Yearwood to help with the team; Jeff worked under Glen at Yankee Stadium as an intern. Jeff brought his skills to the SQ Yankees and quickly made the team known from a social media stand point. Since Jeff's passing the position he once held has not been filled."I didn't realize how hard his job was till now, he's the reason we have this website and over 5000 views" Glen told us. We asked if someone would be brought on to filled the void left by Jeff and we were told that the team is looking to fill the void in the coming weeks. However Glen did tell us that the 2015 season will be dedicated in the memory of Jeff Marquez


S.Q. Yankees return to the field in 2015

     After S.Q. Yankees manager Glen retired mid season last year (2014), nobody thought that the team would ever return. 2014 was a tough year for the team as several players stopped showing up to games and every week there was a different team put on the field. It got to the point where management decided it would be bust to hang it up after a 8 year run. "It wasn't easy to make that decision, but it had to be done" said S.Q.Y president Glen Yearwood. However after months on pleading the S.Q Yankees are back as Jonathan "El tree" Guzman has persuaded Glen to bring the team back, what will the S.Q Yankees be like in 2015 stay tuned to see

S.Q. Yankees Win Second Consecutive Title

     Who would have thought that after jumping ships mid season to play in two different leagues, the S.Q. Yankees would be champions? Nobody!, but it happened; after a disappointing departure from the Q.M.B.L the S.Q. Yankees move to another league and won the 2012 championship. It wasn't easy for the team to reach the goal but some how they got the job done. Congratulations to the S.Q Yankees on a well hard fought title  

S.Q. Yankees Parts Ways With Q.M.B.L

     After five seasons in the Queens Metropolitan Baseball League the Southern Queens Yankees have decided to leave. "We were forced to leave" said manager Glen Yearwood. "I had enough of the child games the commissioner would play, he has taken the fun out of playing and this has become stressful". The decision to league the league comes mid season and the S.Q Yankees will join another league to finish out the season. I don't know where we will be come 2013, but it won't be here in Q.M.B.L  

S.Q. Yankees Caps Off Magical Season With Championship

   After an unbelievable regular season (17-7) the S.Q Yankees can call themselves 2011 Champions. The S.Q Yankees have won their first championship in the team's history by beating the Brooklyn Queens Expos in a best of five series at Baisley Park 13-10.

    After playing the Queens Angels in a deciding game 3 of a short three game series, the S.Q Yankees were then forced to play game one of the championship series against the Expos but lost 13-11. In game two of the series the S.Q. Yankees beat the Expos 9-6 tying the series at 1-1. Game three went to the Expos as the S.Q Yankees fell 9-4. Down two games to one in a five game series the S.Q Yankees backs were against the wall needing to win the next two games to become champions. Game 4 The S.Q Yankees did exactly that winning 3-0 forcing a crucial game five, which the S.Q Yanks won 13-10 to become the 2011 Q.M.B.L Champions.

    "This championship means so much more to us" manager Glen Yearwood said "After everything this team has been through its well deserved, the guys kept fighting and proved that this was ours I'm happy for them more than anything". When asked of his feelings of the win Vice president and general manager Hector Ortiz said "I feel like crying I'm so happy we did it just wished that I could be there to celebrate with the guys" 

    In the four year history the S.Q Yankees have gone through virtually everything fines, warnings, suspensions, even players and management members being "ban" from the league; but with all that the S.Q Yankees kept it together and proved that they could get the job done. "We couldn't do this without Glen, he's the best coach he got us here" several players said after the win.

    Now the S.Q Yankees will look to defend their title in 2012. Congratulations and good luck in 2012     

S.Q. Yankees End Season With Best Record, Wins Division

     The S.Q Yankees end to 2011 regular season with a 17-7 record and take the division. In the team's history the S.Q Yankees finished in first place. Ten games over .500 the S.Q Yankees end with a .708 winning percentage and maintains a .500 or better record against the teams they played against this season. From the start of the season the Yankees have held first place, which they never relinquished.

     Manager Glen Yearwood was asked about this season and this is what he had to say "This has been an amazing season. We started fresh and look at what happened, these guys went 17-7 and won the division. Four years of running this team and this has been the best season up to date". Long time vice president Hector Ortiz weighed in with this " I'm so proud of this team. We've come along way. Its rewarding to finally see things click.   

S.Q. Yankees Leave Their Mark At The Home-run Derby & All-star Game

     The S.Q Yankees were represented strongly at this year All*star festivities at St Johns University. Randy Ortiz won the 2011 Home-run derby which was a first for the Southern Queens Yankees Organization. Glen Yearwood managed the all*star for the first time. Five S.Q Yankees started the game Joel Collado behind the plate, Dennis Saunders at second base, Kaycee Valdez at shortstop, Randy Ortiz extra hitting and Tyshaun Mack in center field. Chris Diaz, Will Peralta both along with the starters left their mark on the game. Hopefully this is a new trend the S.Q Yankees can start every year.

S.Q.Y Home-run Derby & All-star Representatives Announced

     The S.Q Yankees will send 18 representatives to participate in this years All-star festivities July 9th at St Johns University. 

Home-run Derby Representatives:

Kaycee Valdez, Will Peralta, Randy Ortiz, Tyshaun Mack, Joel Collado, Diego Pimentel, Alvaro Pimentel, Michael Rivera, Brian Polanco, Dalfiery Peguero and A.J Gonzalez

All-star Representatives:

Kaycee Valdez, Randy Ortiz, Tyshaun  Mack, Will Peralta, Dennis Saunders, Chris Diaz, & Joel Collado

Congratulations to all S.Q.Y representatives  

S.Q.Y bats wake up in weekend sweep

     After a few weeks of players getting off to a slow start, the bats of the S.Q Yankees players have awaken. Over the weekend the SQ Yankees pounded out 40 hits and scored 26 runs sweeping all three games. The SQ Yankees played the NY Braves (single game) and Queens Angels (double header). Asked about the way his team performed manager Glen Yearwood said "This was a great weekend for us mentally. We needed this because guys were starting to press at the plate and do way to much, so to have games like these does good for us hopefully we keep it going" Captain Kaycee Valdez gave his views on the weekend "Like I've said before, I knew the bats would wake up because I have a lot of faith in this team and we have a lot of talent. It  felt good seeing everyone hitting the ball and scoring runs, especially that my bat as the lead-off hitter woke up big time in this weekends sweep. I don't see this weekend as a big 3 game sweep because our opponents were ok, but hopefully the bats stay hot going into this weekend".

Q&A with rookie third baseman

We sat down with rookie third base baseman Juan O. Perez and asked him several question here is how it went:

S.Q.Y: Juan being this is your first year with the team how do you like it so far?

Juan: So far I like the team, we just have to step our game up and work harder.

S.Q.Y: What brought you to this team? And did you have any other teams after your services?

Juan: The logo lol; There were a lot of teams calling and I chose this team because I felt that I was going to fit here better than I could there, but I feel great here so it doesn't matter

S.Q.Y: What's the best part of the team for you?

Juan: The best part of this team for me is how everyone gets along with each other and were able to joke around and keep our heads in the game

S.Q.Y: When you first joined what were your expectations of the team? And were they met?

Juan: My expectations were to play on a team that knew how to play the game, and stay focus, so far yes my expectations have been met

S.Q.Y: Where you expecting to start?

Juan: Yes I was 

S.Q.Y: How did you feel when you found out that you would be the starting third baseman?

Juan: Well I felt great and accomplished

S.Q.Y: How do you feel about the team management as put together?

Juan: I feel good, we have a great team.

S.Q.Y: How do you feel about the team and its chances this season?

Juan: I think we can go far into the playoffs and win the championship

S.Q.Y: Do you feel that you have played up to your potential so far this season? 

Juan: No but I will

S.Q.Y: Do you see yourself here after this season?

Juan: Yes and I hope so

S.Q.Y: If it was up to you how long would you want to play here?

Juan: Well at least 2-3 years then will see from there

S.Q.Y: Anything you want to say?

Juan: I'm looking forward to having a great season with this team, even tho we started slow will get there,

S.Q.Y: Thank you and good luck the rest of the season

Juan: No problem and thanks

Offense off to slow start; Yankees still find ways to win

     Five weeks into the 2011 season, the SQ Yankees bats have gotten off to a slow start. Coming out of spring training scoring in double digit figures every game they played in, it has not carried over into the regular season. Going into the regular season the S.Q Yankees were expected to be one of the top hitting teams in the league. Even tho the team is hitting .255, they have a winning record of 3-1. "Right now we are slightly struggling offensively" S.Q Yankee manager Glen Yearwood says, "We have scored 21 runs so we haven't struggled that much, but we will get in together, our pitching has carried us, and the offense will come around so I'm not worried, in due time we will start hitting"

   When asked of the team's offensive struggles coach Dalfiery Peguero said, "I really think we are gonna wake up if we play harder, I think it will be done this weekend". Everyone's attitude changed toward the game, its just not the same as of when we started" rookie third baseman Juan Perez said. The S.Q Yankees have to wake up and start hitting in order to continue to contend in their division. Co-captain Kaycee Valdez was asked his opinion of the situation "We were so excited for the season to start and we did so well hitting in spring training, that we're trying to show off, and its not working, We're basically trying to do to much at the plate" Asked if he was comfortable with the potential of the offense Kaycee says "I'm very comfortable with the offense and the bats will wake up. Its only a matter of time, we just get anxious but we'll get there    

Southern Queens Yankees unveil their new logo

After three seasons the Southern Queens Yankees have decided to go with a new logo in 2011. A new team...new attitude...new season


S.Q.Y 2011 Lets Goo!!!

Southern Queens Yankees start plans for 2011

     The Southern Queens Yankees begin to put their 2011 team together. The Yankees made several changes to their management staff by announcing that Dalfiery Peguero will join as a coach. Hector Ortiz will continue his role as the team's Vice President. Glen Yearwood will continue as team President/Manager  for the 2011 season.

     The SQ Yankees also make several roster moves to improve from a hard fought 2010. The Yankees will bring back only a few players from their 2010 season. Returning from the 2010 season are: Sean Ally, Joel Collado, Chris Diaz, Kevin Herrera, James Lozada, Diego Pimentel, Harold Rodriguez, & Biondis Vasquez. The Yankees look to add new faces with those returning and hope to continue to produce a good season

     The Southern Queens Yankees are excited to get the off-season started and hopefully bring their first championship home in 2011   

Southern Queens Yankees prepare for 2010 Fall-ball playoffs

     The SQ Yankees will be looking to win their first championship title in their four year existence. This 2010 Fall team has played tough all fall season and are ready to bring it home. Good luck to the Yankees on their quest to win the championship 

Southern Queens Yankees try to mature in their 3rd season

     As the final touches are put on the 2010 roster the S.Q.Y management has been plagued with several decisions on the 2010 team. In the first three full seasons in the Q.M.B.L the Southern Queens Yankees has faced issue after issue. Whether it was dealing with the league or dealing with members of the team, the S.Q.Y has found ways to make it through.

     One department where the SQ. Yankees have had issues has been the maturity of it's players. Over the brief three year history of this team, the Yankees have always had talented players but their attitudes were less likely. In each of the first two seasons the Yankees have had two different captains, several players come and go, dealt with fines, suspension, & etc.

     As the 2010 season gears closer the Yankees have done all that they could to put mature, professional ballplayers on the field. With the new outlook, management, players, leadership and directions the SQ. Yankees are in great position to leave all the negative memories behind and start fresh.

Southern Queens Yankees Start The 2010 Process

     As one season ends a new one begins and the Southern Queens Yankees begin to put the 2010 Yankee team together. The Yankees made a few changes to their management staff by announcing that pitching coach Mauricio Fernandez will not return to the team. Scott Vaden will be the equipment manager. Hector Ortiz will be the General Manager, and former GM Terrell Hinton will serve as a special adviser. Manager Glen Yearwood, Vice President Stephan Matos, Asst. GM Chris Frat, & Statistician Julian Cepeda all return for the 2010 season.

     The SQ Yankees also make several roster moves to improve from 2009. The Yankees bring back several key players from their 09 season. David Matos Jr hit  .370, Dave made his second consecutive all-star selection and won the gold glove award. He was also named co-captain for the 2010 season. The captain Chris Soto also returns for the 2010 season after leading the league in all most every offensive category, Chris led the way batting .486 with 30 R.B.I's. Catcher Jason Rosario returns for his second year with the Yankees to handle the pitching staff. Jason hit .500 and was one of the best defensive catchers in the league. Emanuel C. Diaz & Biondis Vasquez also return to lead the pitching staff as the Yankees 1-2 punch posting a .154 era (E. Diaz) & 3.30 era (B. Vasquez) respectively. Combined they struck out 73 batters in 65 innings pitched. The Yankees also have key players returning Chris Frat, Carlos Ruiz, along with others. Joining the guys returning are new comers Robert Fernandez who hit .415 in 19  games for the Los Tiburones in the N.Y.C.M.B.L. Brandon Plair dominated during his high school years going 16-4 in three seasons striking out 183 and walking only 74, he also managed to hit at a .453 clip, among other players.

     The Southern Queens Yankees are excited to get the season started and hopefully bring their first championship home.   

Southern Queens Yankees Expand Their Organization

     The Southern Queens Yankees are expanding their organization. The Yankees are in the process of adding a little league team(10-12), an senior team (13-17), and a softball team to their organization. The idea is to brand out and become a stable organization through-out the metropolitan area. If anyone has any ideas or would like to help out can contact Hector Ortiz or Glen Yearwood for more information.

Southern Queens Yankees News

     The Southern Queens Yankees baseball organization was created in the spring of 2008 and was designed to cater to the young minority players, but has now grown to include players of all ethnicities and ages. This organization is built on the foundations of pitching, defense and teamwork. Laid back atmosphere which allows friendships outside of baseball. The Southern Queens Yankees rely on its players/members to believe in its motto Pride…Tradition…Baseball...                                                            


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