Southern Queens Yankees

  1. How much is it to play? What are the prices like?

    The normal fee is between $250.00 & $300.00 for players. This covers the league, team expensives, and uniform (includes jersey(s) (Pants and Hat MUST BE PURCHASED ON YOUR OWN), however for 2023 we are just doing tournaments

  2. What type of payments can be made?

    You can give cash, a check, a money order. We also expect Cashapp & Zelle Please keep in mind any checks that are returned will be charged a $35.00 return fee

  3. What is the age of the guys on the team?

    This is an 18 and up team, most guys range from 19 to 35

  4. Is there any refunds if I can't play for some reason or don't make the team?

    There is a non-refundable fee, we do not accept any fees until you make the team, if you can't play for some reason depending on the situation, there is a possibility that a portion of your fee will be returned no guarantees

  5. Can I tryout for more than one position? If I'm a catcher do I have to bring my own catcher's gear?

    Yes! you can tryout for more than one position. If you tryout for catcher you can use your own equipment, even tho gear will be provided

  6. What league do you play in?

    As of now we are just doing tournaments

  7. What is the league schedule like?

    The season normally runs from April thru mid August. Approximately 20-22 games. Games are played on the weekend mainly Sundays; however for 2023 we are just doing tournaments

  8. Where are the games played?

    Games normally would be played in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Manhattan area; however for 2023 we are just doing tournaments

  9. Am I going to start?

    No start is guaranteed nor is playing time

  10. When does training start/practice and where?

    Pre workouts start in November, Spring training / practice starts the first weekend in January; and is held either outdoors in Queens or indoors at a facility in Long Island

  11. Can I play for another team?

    You can play for another team as long as the opposing team's schedule will not conflict with our schedule games

  12. How many players on the team?

    We normally carry 25 players on the team

  13. Do you provide equipment during the season?

    We provide helmets. You are encouraged to bring your own equipment

  14. Is this a wood or aluminum league?

    This league uses wood for the 2022 season

  15. Does the team take part in tournaments? and if so do you have to be a member to play?

    Yes ! We do take part in tournaments throughout the year,

    No ! You do not have to be a member of the team to take part in tournaments

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